We provide grant writing, grant source research and editing services for eligible applicants of federal, state or local government grants. Examples of grant services include:

     •     Writing grant proposals

          ◦     federal, state, county, city,

          ◦     private foundation

          ◦     corporate giving

     •     Conducting grant source research to identify potential funding opportunities for project concepts.

     •     Monitoring government grant availability

     •     Querying 50,000 foundation and corporate giving sources

     •     Submitting prepared grants to help achieve your organizations needs


Services for Public Sector, Private Sector and Non-Profit Entities 

Services for Private and Public Sector 

 Examples of grant projects include:

     •     Research and product development for existing and emerging health care issues

          ◦     new treatment approaches, diagnostics, and medical devices

     •     Projects that address sustainability issues

          ◦     project research and agricultural projects

     •     Infrastructure and Transporation Initiatives 

     •     Economic Development Initiatives

     •     Education and Research Initiatives 

     •     Alternative energy research and development initiatives

     •     Qualified researchers or scientists that are eligible applicants for government grants


Excerpt of Services Involved in Grant Writing