Carolyn Powell, PhD has over 20 years experience in writing and researching grants for 501(c)3 entities, city/county governments, and healthcare entities. Seeing the need for a boutique grant writing firm that focuses on the needs of the client first, she created and founded Grant Work, LLC in 2016. Prior to this, Dr. Powell published a weekly document for 10 years regarding new grant and resource opportunities for the federal government to assist private, public and non-profit organizations. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Alabama since 1990. Specialities include: Grant Writing, Organizational Psychology and Leadership. Dr. Powell strives for Grant Work, LLC to adhere to professional and ethical standards. Grant Work, LLC will extend its best professional effort to obtain the result desired by you, the client.

Carolyn Powell, PhD, LPC

Tiffany graduated from Judson College with a B.S in Education and went on to gain experience in K-8 classroom teaching in Alabama, Colorado and New Hampshire. Tiffany grew her career into Curriculum Writing and Development for a private K-12 academic company. Tiffany is an active volunteer in her community and is currently pursuing her Masters in Training and Performance Improvement in Education. She obtained her Masters in Education and uses these skills to disect grants into easy-to-understand pieces for clients. She is passionate about assisting organizations in reaching their highest potential through helping find available grant funds and resources that will support their mission, values and goals.  Tiffany resides in Plymouth, New Hampshire with her husband and 3 young children. 

Tiffany Hammond, M.Ed

Graduating from the University of Georgia with a background in Economics, Cagle began her career as a District Executive for the Boy Scouts of America before returning to the family business of insurance. After being in sales for 10 years, she took a two year sabbatical to have three children. Throughout her life, Cagle has been a volunteer in a variety of non-profits, recently focusing her talents on children’s education, child-life enrichment, and local historic preservation. Dr. Powell followed Cagle’s career and writing abilities through a successful blog she published weekly during her trials and tribulations of motherhood. Through this, she recruited Cagle back into the work force, bringing her unique perspective to the team with her energy and excitement for the grant at hand. Rachel has worked with Grant Work, LLC since its inception.

Rachel Cagle