Do you ever think you could do more if you had more? Or do you ever go outside looking for that money tree? At Grant Work, LLC we have access to over 50,000 grants and are ready to share our time, knowledge, and the finesse needed to guide your enterprise and achieve your dreams.  

Founder, Carolyn Powell, has over 20 years experience and has worked with the past two U.S. Alabama Congressmen, educating constituents on the grants process, interfacing with grant liaisons at federal agencies and working with non-profits to help identify foundations that would fit their needs. Using this unique, inside-track expertise, she created and founded Grant Work, LLC -- a boutique grant writing firm specializing in a turn key operation.

With staff in New Hampshire, Georgia, and Alabama, our span is national. We are not limited by geography. Grant Work, LLC has a unique approach making every grant a collaborative effort of very different people with different talents. This gives us a competitive edge over other grant writers. We work with small, local non-profits up to big metropolises submitting applications ranging from $50,000-$15,000,000. 

There are no guarantees in life; grant writing is no exception. Let us use our hard work and writing proficiency to give you the best shot at your own money tree.

Commas and zeros don’t scare us. 

Do More. With More.

Wouldn't it be nice?

Well, hey there.

Let's do more. With more.

Grant Work, LLC